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  1. Hi,

    can you please give me a skrill or PayPal adress to pay for the VIP Membership? I wrote a few days ago but didn´t get an reply? Maybe i typed my email wrong.

    Thanks, Keep on doing awesome Videos


  2. Hi, i know that. I have the problem with your paypal payment people can only pay with credit card. I don´t have a credit card. I have paypal and i can send you money but don´t can send you money when you only allow credit card to pay for. Can you give me the adress to send the 10 $ and i will send it to you?



    PS: I want to be a part of the McStackn-Crew, love your style and game

  3. Oh, so sorry man! I get so much spam comments – I tend to ignore the notifications.

    If you wish send the money via Pay Pal, I’ll grant you the membership. My Pal Pal account is at

  4. Also, you will have to register for the forums – so I can change that account to have access to the all of the videos.

  5. Hi McStackn,

    thought you would never reply on this ;). Just send you the money over, hope you see this message a bit faster than the last one :P.

    Short info about me, if you would like who join your site, if not then simply don´t read it up :).

    I´m Tim, 25 years old from germany. I play poker since 1 month ;). I loaded 10$ bucks just for fun up on 888 poker 4 weeks ago, lost it, 10$ bucks again, lost it thats 2-3 times, played many freerolls and cashed a few times in (best 9 place for 6,25$). Then i put 10$ bucks into BWIN and turned it into 26$ in a few days . Then i withdrawn it and put 10$ into pokerstars and run it up to 40$ in a week or so. The next thing i wasn´t sure about bad beats and cooler plus money management and how to really handle it and how it affecet the long run term of poker. Never heard about that and the emotinal part kicked in. Lastly i loaded up 20$ into fultiltpoker(yes now i have all the main site through :)) and now since a week im sitting on 60$. I´m only playing NL2 6max and full ring. The last 4 weeks the only thing i was doing, reading poker, watching poker, playing poker, thinking poker. I wanna be the best pokerplayer that i can be and will learn and pratice it all, hopefully, better than 60% online and i will make some decent cash in the next years.

    Hope i can and will learn a lot more and crack this up to a nice figure soon.



    1. Yes, I see it. Please register for the forums and put this in a new blog for yourself. I’ll go right now and look for your user name so I can give you access to all pages.

      1. Yeah I don’t see that you have registered for a username for the discussion forums yet. I’ll be watching closely and when I see it I will change it’s status from a free account to a VIP account. Thanks for your support and we will take good care of you. Let’s increase those online poker skills!

  6. I tried it, but i can´t? It says:

    “User registration is currently not allowed.”

        1. Once you register I will still have to manually grant VIP access, since we didn’t do it electronically. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

  7. Tim:

    Once you’ve signed up, reach out to forum member John Doe either by pm or just something in your blog, he should be on the lookout for you. As a way to help him improve his own game, I’ve asked him to do what he can to help you as you begin your journey. You’re pretty much exactly where he was about 1 year ago, so he still remembers what it’s like to be where you are and he knows what it takes to get on the path to poker success, hopefully you two can help each other.

    Good luck to you both.

  8. Tim Lukas says:

    Thank you guys.

    Now i´m registered and all worked out.

    I will do it, thanks for the tip and the support.


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